Cretaceous Creations of America

Meet the Artist

Palesculptor Shane FoulkesMeet paleoartist Shane Foulkes, Shane wants to thank all of you who have come to his site to admire his work and hopes you enjoy his sculptures. Shane says: “I have been operating Cretaceous Creations of america now for about 18 years, I started this side buiness in 1996 and have been enjoying it ever since. I live in Imperial Missouri with my wife and son and enjoy the outdoors, fast cars (don’t own one though) wildlife, our pets, quality time with my family, living a clean life and strive on giving my customers the quaility and service this hobby has so long been missing. I will continue to update this site as time allows so check in from time to time and see what’s new or drop me a line by email as I would love to hear from you! Thanks for visiting my studio.

~God bless.”